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PERSONAL COACHING AND MENTORING There is nothing like Personal Coaching/Mentoring Wonder what is your purpose in life? Want to accomplish a desired goal, or a lifelong dream? Or maybe you just feel “stuck.” Want to grow in your spiritual walk? A personal mentor/coach can help!

Although there are some differences between Mentoring and Coaching, Tanya's style with the client encompasses both.



Mentoring is the commitment of a trusted guide or advisor to influence and train another in an area of personal growth.






-Mentors equip and instruct learners by teaching, training, and by example.

-A mentor has great wisdom. A mentor doesn’t have to have a one-on-one relationship.

-An individual can be mentored by the writings and sermons of of others.


A coach typically has extensive training/equipping/and experience to help others accomplish a desired goal or realize a lifelong dream.  A coach typically has discernment regarding people, godly wisdom, and a passion to encourage others to be all that God intended for them to be.


-Coaching is an ongoing relationship between coaches and clients that results in clients taking action to achieve their personal goals, visions, and desires.

-Coaches use a process that leads to personal discovery by clients and helps them become aware of their potential.

-Coaches proved their clients with structure, support and feedback.




Is Mentoring Similar to Counseling?


Mentoring/Coaching is not counseling!  Counseling focuses on what is broken in an effort to fix it. This makes change come because of a crisis.  Coaching centers on what is right, what works, and what the client can become.  Christian Mentors/Coaches show clients how they are part of Gods plan- and help them get to their piece of the puzzle.



-A Mentor/Coach helps you mature from where you already are.

-A mentor/coach  has traveled this road before, can guide you around challenges, and achievements.

-Helps develop skills, encourages you, coaches you, and holds you accountable for performance.

-Demonstrates the grace of God in spirituality and in relationships.

-Will help support your search for meaning, truth, and identity, showing patience and giving space for growth.

-Helps builds disciples.


The benefits of having a mentor/Coach

 -promotes genuine growth and change

 - provides a model to follow

 - helps you reach your goals more efficiently

 - coaches you to become all that God intended for you to become

 - can help bridge the gap between a painful past and a promise-filled



Typically, Mentors are not compensated. Coaches that are certified, typically are compensated, because of their training/expertise/professionalism / and customizing many equipping processes as well as their continual support, feedback, and encouragement.


Why Choose Tanya as a Mentor/Coach

Tanya has been a  Certified Christian Coach for over 12 years, paired with over 25 years of leadership, mentoring, and business experience, Tanya is more than just a certified coach, she has a desire for you to reach your full potential.


Your purpose is her passion!


As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17


You can expect results when you are mentored/coached by Tanya.  With Tanya, you can be encouraged as your meetings/process/ and conversations are always covered in prayer. As her desire is for each woman to be equipped, inspired, encouraged to be all that God intended her to be.  Her desire is for you to walk away with knowing, Whose you are, Who you are, and What you are for!  Being clear about this, you will make progress, face life with all its trials, and be able to settle basic issues about how you live, and not flounder, but wake with purpose everyday.  As Bob Goff says, “We won’t be distracted by comparison when we are captivated by purpose.”


Let’s do this!!!


 Contact Tanya  for your personal customized Mentoring/Coaching package and let this year  be a year of growth, and the steps needed for you to become all that God intended you to be!!


Each Coaching package will be customized to the client. After a free 30 minute coaching assessment call, a package will be designed for you.  All you have to do is choose the amount of time and support you feel is necessary.



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